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Ancient Sanctuary

Ancient Sanctuary

Acrylic on Canvas – 18” by 24”
I meditated in this simple, small unadorned chapel and in its gardens. I thought of all the people before me who for whatever reason sat where I was sitting. They may have sought shelter in this modest place or have been comforted by the thick walls throughout life’s passages from birth to death. I felt like I was in a safe haven. Time seemed to stand still. I liked the worn, weathered wood and stone and imagined the ancient skilled craftsmen who created this sanctuary.
This chapel is known as Margaret’s Chapel (also known as the Magdalene Chapel) in Glastonbury, England. It was part of a former medieval complex which served as a hospital and almshouses for the poor.
It is nowadays a revered place by many and its gardens have a peaceful atmosphere of sanctity. It is thought that the chapel was funded by St. Margaret of Scotland who lived from 1045 – 1093 AD.
The chapel is open to all. It has features dating to the 1200s and 1400s, although the lancet window in the chapel may have an earlier date. The present buildings were begun in 1400s and by 1610 were described as 'ancient'. The Chapel was again restored in 1968. It is believed to have originally been a goddess worship place. Christian builders respected ancient sacred sites. There are many old chapels throughout England such as this and they are referred to as “Mary Chapels”. The chapel has for some years been run by free-thinking Anglican Christians and friends of the St. Margaret’s Chapel. The chapel has no minister and they encourage anyone of any faith or none to visit and use the space. It is for people to use for their own kinds of prayer or meditation as well as for Community uses.