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Faerie Tree

Faerie Tree

Many old trees were found near pathways or roads to ancient sites. This one was based on one I saw when I was walking to the Glastonbury Tor in England.
Nearly all trees have some magical or sacred association dating back to ancient beliefs. Fairies were believed to inhabit trees and according to legend the soul of the dead was believed to pass into the tree, where it awaited reincarnation. Folklore contains many warnings of the dangers of cutting down trees or bushes known to be haunted by faeries. A tree growing with its roots not in the ground but in a cleft in a rock, or in the branches of another tree or what appears to be the air is considered to have the most power. Considering that I discovered this tree along an old Druid pathway, it seemed appropriate to use the color mauve as it is symbolic of the spiritual world. It was easy to let my imagination go when I looked at the branches and tangled roots and listened to the birds that lived within its twisted arms. I was in a place where myth, legend and history melded together.