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Cathy Stasko

I’ve always loved art and I’ve always done it. It is a part of my life and I cannot separate art from the rest of my life. I paint what inspires me and I never know what is going to inspire me until it happens. I believe that if I am honest with myself I can inspire and touch others. It is a way that I can express my own positive experiences and love for the world I live in. I continually pursue different avenues of personal and visual expression as I am deeply committed to creative learning.

Having been a teacher and a head of a high school art department, I believe that positive creative experiences promote an intelligence of feeling – a sensitivity and emotional maturity that produces vital, confident individuals who are well prepared for life’s challenges, and who are adaptable to both social and technological change. Art is a profound sharing of human experience, which helps us to make sense out our lives and the world we live in.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel a lot and my imagination is fired up by these travels. When I went to Peru, I was inspired by the Andes and their people. This resulted in a series that I call “Pachamama’s Children”. I produced cards from this series to raise money for a school in Peru. On a return trip I was involved in a school art project in a remote mountain school.

I followed in the footsteps of time in both England and France and let the history and beauty of both places inspire me.

One of my biggest inspirations is my daughter Carly.  She is an artist, educator and self titled "Imagitator", one who agitates imagination. She is in remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Our journey together inspired a number of paintings.  I made cards and prints from my  painting called "One's heart cannot help but sing" and they continue to raise money for cancer charities. 

Now Carly is also a mother and I delight in spending time with my grandsons River and Forest.

Everywhere I go, the local cultures, the colors, the geography and the natural beauty inspire me. My paintings are a melding of my experiences that have touched my soul and my play with textures, color and feeling. Often my work is metaphoric.

I try to go beyond the concrete reality of nature and merge energy, music, emotion, dreams and color.  I attempt to capture not only what is there, but also what you can’t see – the fresh air, the sounds, the warmth, the feelings and the poetry.

Imagination * Expression * Perception * Revelation




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