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Healing Waters

Healing Waters

Acrylic on canvas – 18” by 24” This painting is inspired by a beautiful, peaceful and unusual place, supposedly a place of healing power - the Lion’s Head found at Chalice Well in Glastonbury, England. I found here a restful space and felt a deep and spontaneous connection. When walking to it, you feel like you are walking in the very footsteps of our ancient ancestors who have been coming to this natural shrine for thousands of years. I filled my water bottle every day with the water here, so it has become part of me.
The Chalice Well is actually a spring that naturally arises in this place. The word “Well” comes from the anglo Saxon word “Wella” meaning spring. This is the place to drink the waters. The daily flow is about 25,000 gallons (112,000 litres) and is constant even in times of great drought. In dry periods in the past the Chalice Well has been the only remaining decent water source for the town. Its temperature is a constant 11degrees C 52 degree (F). There is a reddish color due to the high iron count.
Spiritual pilgrims of all kinds have come to this special place from time immemorial. The waters are considered holy and are known for there healing and for their connection with the Earth Mother.
There are many associations with Chalice Well covering countless centuries; it is a timeless and sacred place, full of legend, symbolism and atmosphere, a place whose history has no beginning....... Since ancient times, the waters that flow from deep below our planet have been revered as the essence of life, the gift of mother earth to sustain all her living forms. A spring such as the Chalice Well which has never been known to fail is especially revered as a symbol of the continuous and unbounded nature of the life force. The people of old saw the wells as gateways to the spirit world where the veils between human existence and the greater spirit became thinner, and communications could take place with the gods and goddesses of the nature religions. The Chalice Well is one of the oldest continuously used holy wells in Britain. Archaeology has shown that the Spring was used by prehistoric tribes who inhabited this land, and for the last 2000 years we can be fairly sure that the site has been in constant use. To be at the well head, and drink the water and absorb the atmosphere of the place is truly an inspirational experience. Water is a much more complex and magic substance than is generally supposed. We all know that from a chemical point of view it is a relatively simple combination of hydrogen and oxygen. Apart from its use as a medium for cleaning and cooking, we tend to think of it mainly as something to drink - a transporting or energy producing substance. It is, of course, a vital component of all life on this planet, whether plant, animal or human. Water exhibits some peculiar characteristics. Like most substances it contracts as it is cooled, but below 4 degrees centigrade it expands. It can exist as a solid, liquid or gas.