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Reverence for the Thread

Reverence for the Thread

16” by 16”
Threads linked to genetics and love most often link people to others and these threads can wind backwards in the past as well as forwards to the future. Some of these threads we can easily understand and know about. Others remain mysteries and we can only guess about our ancestors or who will follow after we have gone.
I painted this without any previous planning or even thinking about its meaning. It appeared in front of my eyes in a flurry of activity and I was stunned. I looked at it and wondered what I had created. The people on the right are my immediate family – my older brother, my father and my mother. I am the smaller child, being the youngest in my family. My parents were brought together through love. My brother and I are both adopted and are in this picture through my parents’ love. From me is a link to the family on the left – I know that I am the figure on the far left beside my husband brought together through love. In front of us, a small light figure emerges in front of us. This is our daughter and we hope the thread continues……