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Self Portrait

This shows me in different stages of my life - past, present, as well as future. I am the young child looking straight at you with green eyes who accepts life's challenges and mysteries. This child is still within me, yet I am always changing. I hope I can grow into the older, protective future me, on the far right hand side of the painting and I hope I can look back at my life and smile. There is a feathered wing behind all the figures. This happened by accident. I had been working on a print using real feathers. One floated down from my work table shelf and landed on the canvas. I spontaneously glued it down and worked out the rest of the composition from there. It seemed to fit, almost as if I really had a "guardian angel" that had always watched over me. My daughter told me that when she stood in front of the painting she felt as if she was being embraced.